what is a live algorithm?

• interactive • autonomous • an ideas generator
• idiosyncratic • comprehensible

• a live algorithm can collaborate actively with human performers in real-time performance without a human operator

• a live algorithm can make apt and creative contributions to the musical dimensions of sound, time and structure

where can we find one?

• in extra-musical systems that show musical characteristics or potential (e.g. that generate patterns which may be interpreted musically)

• evolutionary computation• artificial life • swarm intelligence • chaotic dynamics • cellular automata • neural networks • machine consciousness





so what's new?

• we avoid systems pre-loaded with syntax derived from music theory

• we avoid rule-based approaches that relate input to output in a simple way

• live algorithms can contain a parametric representation of the aural environment which changes to reflect interaction between machine and environment

but are they alive?

• the network explores creative interactivity: cognitive science and AI techniques provide models, but the task is not centred on notions of musical, or other, consciousness (generative programs will not necessarily 'know' they are generating music)

• live algorithms may not be alive, they neither are they fully inert; there is always potential for an imagined 'personification' for either the listener or performer

        read more (AISB newsletter, 2006)